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Welcome to New Warriors Fans

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The New Warriors is a Marvel Comics superhero team, traditionally consisting of young adult heroes. The team first appeared in The Mighty Thor #411 (waaaay back in December 1989).

There have been four separate volumes published in 1990, 1999, 2005 and the latest in 2007. A fifth series was published during 2014. The series was written initially by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Mark Bagley.



Click the join button on Home - there might be a slight-ish delay after you join, membership is moderated.


Any kind of New Warriors art, be it official (as in by the artist, inker or color artist) or fanart, is accepted here.

Things to remember about submissions:

:bulletblue: To submit art, you need to join.

:bulletblue: Only New Warriors related material will be accepted with a very relaxed interpretation of what related means.

:bulletblue: There is no limit on submissions per day at this point.

:bulletblue: Submit to the correct folder. If not, your work may be declined so that you can re-submit it. Please check the list of folders on the home page first, if you're not sure.

:bulletyellow: A note on two Novas - please submit works to the correct Nova folder (or your submission will be declined so that you can resubmit to the correct folder).

:bulletblue: We don't accept copied/traced works.

:bulletblue: Submit works made by you. Not stolen, official art, etc. If it's a collaboration, you should have the permission from the other artist you've collaborated with stated under your submission.

:bulletblue: And now for a touchy subject - I approve of artistic or tasteful nudity which is not the overriding theme of a piece, but not what could be construed as porn or expoitative; e.g. Naked or partially clad in an overly sexual or explicit pose. Certainly you may submit art of that nature anyway, and I promise to be fair and objective. If I accept or reject it, it will be on the merits of the whole work.


If you encounter any kind of problems, or have doubts, please note the founder who will reply as best she can.

If you have problems with other member, please contact her as well.
I don't want hateful comments or rude behavior here.


I have no problem with this group remaining as a simple group but if you want to donate points to the supergroup cause, I am collecting them at Daydreamings.


If you'd like to give the group a llama, go here: new-warriors-fans.deviantart.c…











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Random from Featured

November's issue has been called "The Finale" so it's all over again, folks. Some, more hopeful than me, people believe that it will be relaunched as part of All-New Marvel v3 but I have serious doubts.

This time around, it had everything going for it including a great writer/artistic team, amazing covers, a mix of new and old characters that were exciting and refreshing. It was humorous and dramatic and thoughtful and DOOOOOOOOMED from the start.

A fan who has been working his butt off promoting the comic on tumblr,…, suggests that we post, reblog, draw, write, whatever as much New Warriors fan-love as we can with the tag: Long Live New Warriors.

I thought we might try and extend that over here on DA. Let's add those keywords somewhere in our submissions.

It sounds like a good way of telling Marvel we're disappointed, how much we loved the team (if we loved it). It's all about us anyway, the readers, the fans. What do you all think?

I'm creating a new gallery folder for this purpose called "Long Live New Warriors." It will be open for anyone to submit any New Warriors art/fic love into immediately. Submit here: new-warriors-fans.deviantart.c…
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daz3333 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hey all- hope you're doing great! Due to other work - the artist I had on our classic Nova ep for the 2015 season has had to cut short his commitment to the ep - leaving us adrift for the final 6 pages for the story out of 16 (10 are fully completed).

I'm looking to fill this slot asap to ensure the ep remains on track for a March 2015 completion date of all stages. So if anyone would like to do the remaining pages  - Note me asap. To maintain the style - I'm looking for someone to draw in the style of Sal Buscema. old 70's style to fit the story. Refs and script will be provided.

This is a non-pay ep - however I'm open to trade options. Cheers! Daz/ Nova Prime DA/ Nova 619 
cric Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for adding my Firestar artwork here :la:
(1 Reply)
daz3333 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Ever since Sam Alexander made his debut in Nova 1 in 2013 - while recent revises to Guardians of the Galaxy with Peter Quill - aka Starlord - escaped from the Cancerverse leaving Rich Rider to an unknown fate - the fact is that over the last few years the Nova fan base has become very divided.

With the final fate of Rich to be revealed in GOTG 20 on October 29th - both myself and my good friend Doug Smith who runs Nova Prime Page want to now hear views from Nova fans on how we cover Nova for 2015. The fact is there is a lot of issues between fans of Rich and Sam - though I'm glad that we don't get anything nasty here on DA unlike other Marvel Cosmic forums. 

But we do need to hear from fans that visit Nova Prime DA and other Marvel related groups here what you think on this very touchy subject. For example - if Nova Prime is killed off in GOTG 20, should we in protest ban submissions of Sam Alexander stuff at our sites? Or should we continue to remain impartial and continue to remain unbiased and support both Novas? 

So hence the poll. We have 2 polls in fact - one set up at Nova Prime DA  - via the link below:

and also one at Nova Message Board. The question remains the same at both sites but for fairness only one vote allowed - you cannot vote at both sites! You have until end of the year (December 31st, 2014) to vote for what you think is the right policy to continue into 2015. And if you want to make your views heard - then please use the link to Nova Message Board and post your views there in the Poll thread. All new visitors are welcome! No comments from the Co-Moderators will made on any replies as we wish to remain neutral throughout the voting period! 

So have your say Nova fans - look forward to your views and votes!

Daz/Nova333  Nova Prime DA/ Nova Message Board and contributor to Nova Prime Page.…
geeL1NES Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
Thanks a lot for requesting my Nova Pic :thanks:
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daz3333 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Been a while since I last visited - but timely as Daydreamings celebrates her birthday in a few days so --- all the best and have a great one from me and the Nova619/Nova Prime DA members!

Okay -- 619 stuff. 

We're well into the prep work for the 2015 5th anniversary season. Recently I completed all my 2nd draft scripts for the 12 episodes with co writers/plotters Ronnie Massey and Rob Shalda (for the special Classic Nova story!) along with Byron Brewer providing another welcome script!

We've pretty got most of the page pencil slots filled now with recent arrivals including Lennart Boorsma, Joey Jarin (doing the Classic Nova story - Night of the Jaguar!) and Issac Brown joining regular 619 contributors Jason Heichel and Isreal Huertas - along with 2015 participants Al Whincup, Cedric Lab, Primal Makoto, Chris Anderson, Jim O'riley, Tito Miranda and Emre Aktuna! 

We also have some new talents in the inking and coloring departments - welcome additions from Jordan Patel, Carl Bolton, Emiliano Correa and Richard Pring Adams! 

However there are still slots open for both cover and page help in inks and colors. I'm looking for help in flatting with options to do either 6 pages or full episodes (12 pages). 

There's also still time to contribute a PIN-UP for the NOVA 619 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL online for OCTOBER 31ST! You can find a example here - a great Nova 619 zombie piece by Mich Red!…

Deadline is OCTOBER 1ST 2014! Any Marvel Cosmic or 619 UNIVERSE characters welcome!

So if you like to contribute either to the Halloween special or if you are a flatter or would like to take part in one of the episodes - contact me via note! Daz

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